Alex Matthews is a winner of the Wordweaving Award for Excellence, the Cat Writers Association Certificate of Excellence, and the Readers Choice Award for Best Series Character.

So, what kind of books are these Cassidy McCabe mysteries, you may wonder. Well, let me tell you about them.

Healer's Heresy coverCassidy McCabe is an amateur sleuth who conducts her psychotherapy practice at home in her large old house in Oak Park, Illinois. A calico cat moves in, over Cass's objections, and becomes her chief confidante and tormentor. Cass also has a developing and sometimes difficult relationship with reporter Zach Moran.

I would describe my books as realistic and psychological. They tackle some fairly serious topics — a client who was abused as a child by a Satanic cult, a psychopath who hurts women then refers them to Cass for counseling — although Cassidy injects enough wry humor that they're never overly heavy or dark.

I want Cass to come across as a typical woman, a person who reminds you of yourself or your female friends. When you read my books, I want you to be inside Cassidy's skin, to know what she's thinking and feeling and why she does what she does. You'll meet a host of minor characters who will spring to life and linger in your mind when the book is finished. And I hope that Starshine, the calico cat, will steal your heart and make you laugh.

Cassidy is tugging at my sleeve to get a word in.

I just want you to know that I started off with my own set of problems - flaws I guess a lot of people would call them. I was insecure with Zach, I felt I had to do everything on my own, I didn't lock my doors when I should have. Well, I've been working on myself and I'm doing a lot better, although I have to admit, I still can't keep the cat hair off my clothes.

What's the point in brushing your clothes? They just get all furry the next time Starshine climbs in your lap.

Now Zach is reaching for the keyboard.

She still hasn't learned that there are some topics that should be kept off limits. But I suppose she wouldn't be Cass if she didn't ask all those damn questions.

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