Cassidy McCabe
Age 37, divorced, a psychotherapist in private practice at her Oak Park, Illinois home. She is short and slender, with unruly cinnamon-colored hair, deepset hazel eyes, high cheekbones, and a pointed chin.
Greatest strength: Ability to get people to tell her almost anything
Greatest weakness: Can't refrain from asking annoying questions, especially of Zach
Greatest fear: Being left by a man ... or controlled by one
Primary vice: Peanut Butter Cups
Who does she talk things out with? Her cat Starshine, who responds by grooming herself, twitching her ears, or falling asleep.

Zach Moran
Age 39, never married, an investigative reporter for a major Chicago paper. He is just under six feet, broad chested, with smooth dark hair above a bronze-skinned face.
Greatest strength: Willingness to listen
Greatest weakness: Going too far in pursuit of a story
Greatest fear: Being trapped by a woman ... or controlled by one
Primary vice: Alcohol
Who does he talk things out with? He never talks about his problems unless Cassidy forces him to

A calico kitten that appears on Cassidy's doorstep in Secret's Shadow and moves into the house over Cass's objections. Starshine has a triangular face with one black ear, one orange ear, and a small pink nose.
Greatest strength: Highly affectionate, demands cuddling several times a day
Greatest weakness: Likes to torture Cass by nipping her knee, deliberately tripping her, turning her back and pretending Cass doesn't exist
Greatest fear: Being on the wrong side of a closed door
Primary vice: Toe-biting at 3 am

Cass's eighty-something grandmother. She is tiny and birdlike but very spry.
Greatest strength: Loves to try new things and has discovered the internet
Greatest weakness: Wears ridiculous wigs
Greatest fear: Missing out on anything
Primary vice: Gossip
Who does she talk things out with? Anybody who will listen

The 18-year-old son Zach didn't know existed until the boy appeared in Wanton's Web. He is long and lanky, with a craggy angular face and his father's bronze skin tone.
Greatest strength: Very generous with people who need help
Greatest weakness: His hostility toward Zach
Greatest fear: Having people die on him
Primary vice: Pot and alcohol (on occasion)
Who does he talk things out with? No one, but he sometimes slips up and answers Cassidy's questions

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