Feedback: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Reader Comments

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I have just finished reading some of the comments left be other readers on your website and wanted to add mine to them. I love all of your characters; they are extremely real-life. Anyone who has owned a cat knows exactly that Starshine's behavior is 100% accurate. Cass & Zach have the most real relationship of any series I have read to date. The battle with Bryce's depression is one that I am looking forward to in the next novel. Gran is wondeful help for Cass.

In one of my books you wrote "I hope these people become your friends!", and I'm writing to let you know that yes, indeed, they have.

Thanks for the wonderful stories! Can't wait till next year!

Your Fan,
Donna S. Millar
Janesville, WI

"Way too much time spent on the cat."
"Loved Starshine. Wanted more of her."
"When is Zach going to join AA?"
"You tell a good story but I wish you'd cut the relationship crap."
"The characters were very real to me, and I was glad to see that Cass and Zach are finally working out their problems."
"Zach is a jerk and she should drop him."
"I think you should make Gran the protagonist."
"I didn't like the scene where the cat was playing with the pistachio. My cat ate a pistachio once and the vet bill was $500."
"Cass should eat Snickers instead of peanut butter cups."
"When is Cassidy going to get off Zach's case?"

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