Sunday, April 17, 2:00 PM
Centuries and Sleuths
7419 Madison, Forest Park

Workshop and book launch for Healer's Heresy, the tenth Cassidy McCabe mystery

When a Brick Falls out of the Sky:  How to Deal with Loss

Alex Matthews, psychotherapist and author, will talk about the different ways people cope with loss. Some ways cause people to be damaged. Other ways cause them to become better, more compassionate human beings. In this mini-workshop, she'll discuss ways of moving through pain that lead to positive change.

She'll share insights gained from her therapy practice and relate them to her characters' and her readers' experience.

In Healer's Heresy, psychotherapist Cassidy McCabe receives a late-night visit from a former client with booze on his breath and blood on his shirt. Later that night she and her reporter husband find the body of a naked woman, a bullet hole in her chest, laid out on a bed and covered with a sheet.

As Cass and Zach work together to uncover the truth, they learn that the woman wasn't who she seemed to be . . . and asking the wrong person the wrong question could prove fatal.


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