Centuries and Sleuths is a mystery bookstore in Forest Park, IL. The congenial proprietor, Augie Aleksi, keeps a supply of Alex's books on hand. Alex always holds her book launches here.
Harmony House for Cats is a cageless, no-kill shelter. Alex sells her books and donates the proceeds at their annual holiday bazaar.
Animal Care League in Oak Park is another no-kill shelter that Alex and her husband support.
Oak Park Area Convention and Visitors Bureau is a great web site for finding out about the fascinating village of Oak Park. The bricks and mortar bureau also does a brisk trade in Alex's books.
Check out the Cluelass Homepage and the Deadly Directory Online
Valley of the Kings (formerly JES Exotics) cat sanctuary is"dedicated to the rescue and refuge of abused and abandoned exotic animals." They are one of our favorite charities and I use them in my book Cat's Claw.

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